Fire and Rain

Seems like it’s been a while since I’ve had the time to park my butt long enough to get a new post on the Blog.  13 days isn’t all that much time but it does present the age old problem of trying to remember what we’ve been up to and putting it down in a coherent manner.  Although, I do suspect my faithful readers don’t really expect a well choreographed presentation here, so to do so might be confusing and misleading. So madly off I go in all directions.

¾ of the Alaskan Alliteration Alumni have now reconvened here at the LTVA and the fun and games have begun. And speaking of fun and games (not related to football madness) it behooves me to report some preliminary results. In the dominoes arena Lonesome Larry and the Captain’s dream of an undefeated season came to an abrupt and bruising end at 2 matches when Debbie Dewdrops and Busty Barb the Believer eked out a very slim victory.

The ICC (International Cribbage Challenge) resumed after a 2 month hiatus and the relentless practicing by the US Squad of Hawk and Red Fox has produced a favourable result for the Stars and Stripers with an early 2 game lead over the Canucks. As is usual in these circumstances DD has placed the blame squarely on the shoulders of the Captain for his easily distracted manner of playing the game. The Captain admits it is difficult to play any game properly without a hockey stick in ones hands.


Red Fox and Hawk looking tense before the match

The Fruits of Ones Labour

One of the joys of wintering in the south is the opportunity to head out and pick oranges, lemons and grapefruits right from the tree. Dashing Dave and Jezebel Jeannine chauffeured DD and the Captain out to a local organic farm where we picked fresh grapefruits and oranges. A 5 gallon bucket set us back a measly $8.00 and DD probably managed to eat at least half that amount while filling the buckets.



JJ, dashing Dave and DD with the fruits of their labour


Dave and CC hard at work


CC nabs a pair


JJ shows off her grapefruits!!




DD ripe for the picking

Dog Burn

JJ and Dave hosted their 2nd annual Dog Burn for the local ‘hood. A highlight of the afternoon was the special guest appearance of Frank Rodriguez (recording star and cowboy poet) who delivered several outstanding cowboy poems for us. Couldn’t help thinking that Fearless Frank and Bouncy Bernice would have loved being here for this. But as they couldn’t I have included a short video of one of Frank Rodriguez’s poems.


the Cowboy Poet



RRR bows to the Dog Burn Deity


Elephant Hike (aka the ED Hike)

This was the only Thursday morning hike in the last 2 weeks as one was cancelled due to inclement weather (rain and cold). I believe that may be a first in our experience. A little bit of rain and cold and everyone stays home, however DD and CC did hike on their own. Another small group for the hike as a number of regular hikers from Canada aren’t here this year.


Martinez Lake overlook




Marsha, Dennis and CC ready to roll


along the wash


DD leads the way????





DD, Marsha, Red Fox, Dennis and LL




the E.D. Rock




Marsha and Red Fox at the Bird Nest


DD joins the “birds”


the Elephant Rock


the Saint Bernard Rock


DD patting the dog



break before heading back

The Screech Ride

Because this is being written by a Canadian (no kidding you say) the title of this section might cause you to think that the like named over-intoxicating beverage from Newfoundland would come into play. But no it didn’t, although some of us might have used it, had it been available, to drown out the maniacal screeching heard from Debbie Dewdrops as we made our way through some back roads in the Kofa Wildlife Preserve. Certainly Jezebel Jeannine could have used it to dull the pain from being violently grabbed by DD at every bump in the road.

Now to be somewhat fair to DD the “road” was not actually a well travelled one and certainly not made for a full sized pickup truck but DD’s reaction was certainly disproportionate to the reality of the situation but realty sometimes escapes her.

Regardless JJ, Dashing Dave and the Captain attempted to enjoy the beautiful back country drive despite the 2 plus hours to travel a mere 12 miles.



pictures of castle Dome



ready to be hiked soon


Dashing Dave and JJ share a tender moment


but not for long








DD in a non screeching moment


the “road” out


Solar Dinner and Campfire

The Captain and DD hosted a lasagna solar dinner for Hawk, Red Fox, LL and BBB on beautiful sunny afternoon. After dinner Hawk delivered a load of firewood and stellar harmonica performance to a litany of Bob Dylan tunes.


LL and CC – an Alien bonding ritual


the AA (minus FF and BB)


din din kids


the Italians


Rompin Ronnie and the Hawk


DD’s art deco photo of the week

Quartzsite RV Show

LL, BBB, DD, Greg, Cathy and the Captain piled into the pickup for the annual pilgrimage to the Quartzsite RV Show on the 16th. As this was opening day, the place was packed wall to wall with people of all sizes and description. Most notably was the number of people who surely believed this was a kennel club show as there were almost as many canines as 2 legged folks and the majority of these four legged creatures were carted about in various wagons and strollers.

An indicator of just how hard up show goers were for entertainment was the popularity of the Progressive Insurance Booth. Despite the conspicuous absence of the enigmatic “Flo” the line-up for free trinkets was notable and additionally the opportunity to star in a short video was well attended. We all took our turns and once LL has provided me with copies I will get them posted for your viewing pleasure.

Jeannine’s Just get Over It


Thought I would have JJ read the whole blog post before I mentioned that JJ and DD beat Dashing Dave and the Captain at dominoes. Bet she was just itching to lodge a formal complaint.


Nuff said.

By stubbs99

4 comments on “Fire and Rain

  1. OK. First you post a picture of me in my zebra bra and pj’s making this an xxx rated site. I can live with that due to not not having copyright on my outfits or pictures. But to spell my name wrong is something I just can’t ignore. You apparently need more protein in your diet for proper brain function. Eat more meat!!!

    • Tsk Tsk. I have forwarded your complaint on to my former Editor in Chief (Debbie Dewdrops).

      CC On Jan 18, 2016 8:21 PM, “Captain Canada and Debbie Dewdrops” wrote:


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