The Never-Ending Screech is Lost in the Wind

Favourite Movie – Gone with the Wind

Favourite Song – Blowing in the Wind

The astute readers of this Blog will quickly deduce the connection between the above noted 2 favourites. Yes Wind is the common denominator and wind is what we have been getting in heavy doses yesterday and today. Local desert denizens have recorded wind gusts of up to 70+ mph with sustained speed in the upper 20s to the mid 30s. Needless to say anything that ain’t bolted down is either blowing or gone with the wind. Luckily we had enough warning and haven’t had to go scampering across the desert to retrieve any of our possessions. We did have our sun oven blow off the table and when CC stepped out to pick it up he was assailed with a wall of gravel and sand that literally filled his ears with grit in less than 2 minutes. CC does not recommend this as a medically prudent method to clean ones ears.

And speaking of being assailed Lonesome Larry and the Captain continued their 2016 rampage at the domino table by again trouncing DD and Busty Barb the Believer in the 5th match of the year to take a 4 – 1 lead. The dispirited girl’s team has formed a support group which they pray will alter their current downward slide.

DOMINO UPDATE – it appears that the solitary victory by the girls is best classified as an aberration as the girls dropped another match last night and fell to a dismal 1 and 5 on the season.

Debbie Dewdrops and the Captain were visited by one of DD’s golfing partners and her husband from Vernon, BC. Fran and Greg are making their virgin voyage south in their new 5th wheel. DD and CC took the newbies to a local grower to pick oranges and grapefruits right from the tree.


DD and Fran




Turquoise Mine Hike

This week’s Thursday hike was a return trip to a series of abandoned turquoise mines. Due to the short distance of the hike a few of the intrepid hikers made the mines an intermediate stop and hiked a further mile of so up a boulder strewn ridge where we found an old abandoned rock cabin that was likely a miner’s home in days past. The owner of this cabin would certainly never have had an issue with noisy neighbours except perhaps a mountain lion or two. The view from the cabin was exquisite but a walk home at night from the local pub would be beyond even the heartiest of souls and not encouraged.


heading to the mine site


looks like a photo op



Castle Dome off in the distance


fishhook barrel cactus


flowering ocotilla


lunch at the “cabin”


view from the cabin of the reservoir


another view from the cabin

Cowboy Breakfast

Our friends and neighbours, Jerry and Sandy hosted a unique (for us anyway) cowboy breakfast for the locals. Now Jerry is the real deal and hails from Prescott, Arizona where he and Sandy live on their ranch. The main part of the breakfast required an early start. No big deal for a cowboy. Along with helpers Steve, Dashing Dave and Leonard, 4 large cast iron pots were filled with hash browns, eggs, meat and cheese etc. and then placed on a bed of hot coals in depressions in the ground and then covered with another layer of hot coals. About an hour and a half later a hearty breakfast was ready for everyone to enjoy. There was also a large selection of other side dishes (fruits, cinnamon buns etc.) brought along by the  30 or so guests.


hosts Jerry and Sandy


the breakfast pot


the French Connection – Andre, Danielle, RRR and Arlette


the breakfast horde


the line-up


Dashing Dave and CC snarl at the paparazzi



Jeep Screech 2 – The Sequel

Well I’m just about running out of creative ways to describe the bizarre behaviour of DD when we venture out on sketchy road trips. Despite her delusional perception that “she is behaving better” on these adventures I will leave it to you, the reader, to decide after viewing the following videos taken with Lonesome Larry’s GoPro on our latest outing.

As an added tidbit this junket found us travelling up Black Mountain which is the location of where DD found herself tumbling into a sizable hole where she thought there should be road last year. This tumble resulted in a nasty cut to her leg so perhaps flashbacks added to this year’s horror show.


BBB and DD on top of Black Mountain


20 jeeps in total made the trip


the road up the mountain





the guide dog


DD before the trip down


doesn’t she look happy


the descent begins










the “road” gets a bit sketchy


and DD’s happy face quickly disappears




DD’s hand prints from her escape attempts


finally at the bottom



LL and BBB provide a wind break for the Captain



DD must be much shorter than BBB??



the smooth road home


Jeanine’s Just Get Over It


JJ is back with more complaints. Seems not only did the Captain not publish a complaint previously filed but to add insult to injury the whole Complaint section was vanquished to the rubbish bin in the last blog.


My editor sends her apology to JJ for this miscue and the column has been restored. Unfortunately JJ’s original complaint has also been misfiled. Complaints to which no official response has be provided can refiled within 36 hours of publication and will be, if warranted, included in an upcoming post.

By stubbs99

One comment on “The Never-Ending Screech is Lost in the Wind

  1. Nice to hear from you. Fantastic pictures. Stay in touch and send some warm weather up here. It’s going to get colder here for the next couple of weeks. We have been spoiled this winter, no snow and very mild. Lol Lynn

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