DD Gets Her DD

As petrified as we were to leave the Forest (see previous Blog post) we bravely headed north back to Canada where we will spend the next 6 months visiting family and taking a trip to the east coast of Canada including Newfoundland.  Our first important stop on the journey home would be a return engagement at the Tague Farm in Cameron, MO with our dear friends Dashing Dave and Jezebel Jeannine. Along the way we made overnight stops at Ute Lake State Park in New Mexico and Dodge City KS.  There was a decided shift in the weather pattern as we headed north, as the temperatures began to drop and the sun sort of went on vacation. Another downer was the inability of Debbie Dewdrops to relieve the Boot Hill Casino at Dodge City of loot. DD has been shut out twice now by the masked bandits of Boot Hill and she vows to never set foot in the place again without a new pair of steel toed boots with which to kick some butt.



Ute Lake State Park




sunset at Ute Lake



must be in Kansas


What can you possibly say about the Cameron Tagues who over and over again allow and sort of even insist that DD and CC spend a few days at the Farm as we pass through the Show Me State on our travels? When it comes right down to it I honestly believe Dashing Dave and JJ feel they are providing a much need humanitarian service by keeping us on the ”Farm” where we will not be a menace to the general population.



our campsite



Dave’s fishing hole

d d

DD the leprechaun 


CC’s luck of the Irish

Now as hospitable as the Tague’s are, we were somewhat disappointed that on this particular visit they allowed a snowfall to visit itself upon us.  But maybe they were simply acclimatizing us for things to come.  As has become the norm when we visit Dave and JJ,  a day trip to the Amish settlement near Jamesport allowed the Captain to restock his dwindling supply of the world’s best ginger snaps.  After securing the supplies we met with Steve and Madelynn (also Yuma desert friends) for dinner and a visit. Several rounds of dominos between the boys and girls once again netted no clear winner though I expect JJ may want to dispute this as she does not seem to take kindly to not being victorious.


doesn’t look good out there


a winter wonderland???



no biking today kids

All kidding aside, we count Dave and Jeannine as two of our best friends and if they ever get up the gumption to come to the Great White North for a visit we’ll show ’em what a snowfall really looks like!


Jeannine with her pet wasp nest?


why is only DD smiling?


The Land of the Double Double

Fleeing the winterish weather of Cameron,  DD and the Captain made a mad 2 day dash to the Canadian border crossing of Part Huron, MI/ Sarnia, ON and settled in for a one night stopover at the local Wal-Mart which was amazingly conveniently located almost next door to that great Canadian home of the iconic Double Double, Tim Horton’s. In no time at all after parking the rig we were satisfactorily ensconced at Tim’s enjoying a DD. We enjoyed a second cup for BBB and Lonesome Larry whom I am sure would rather have been with us in the cold north than sweating it out at Valley of Fire.


at home in Horton’s with a DD

Leaving Sarnia, with snow storms threatening we headed directly to the Bath House home of the Captain’s parents, the Coach and the Aud One. Our early and surprise arrival was timely, as we helped celebrate the Aud One’s 85th birthday on the 23rd. Happy Birthday Mom.  A birthday lunch for the Aud One will be happening on Easter Sunday.


baby ski hills alongside the 401

Our early arrival was also timely in that the promised snow and freezing rain arrived with what would hopefully be the last blast of winter. And I must also point out at this time that we are greatly disillusioned and angry with Willy the Puny Pugnacious Prognosticator from Wiarton (WWPPP). The rotten little rodent came out of his hole on February 2nd and predicted, upon seeing his shadow, six more weeks of winter. So like winter should have been over a week ago Willy. What’s the deal.


right before the freezing rain


CC sent outside to play


still wearing his summer shorts


DD pretends to help shovel just for the photo op

By stubbs99

3 comments on “DD Gets Her DD

  1. Yikes! The “S” word! Horrors! Brrrrrr! Meanwhile, HHH and RF are basking in 70s and 80s in Joshua Tree. Every night we practice dominoes so as to be ready for next year’s U.S./Canadian tournaments. CC needs to get his winter shorts on.

  2. After reading your blog we are convinced that staying another month in the SW is for us!! We miss you and your ‘focus, focus, focus’ on the games. May your visits with family warm your hearts until the sun decides to warm your bodies. Kathy and Greg

  3. Welcome back to Canada. Glad you arrived safely. See you in a few weeks. Talk to you soon. Lol Lynn and Bob

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