Gorges, Georges and Forages

Sorry kids but I seem to be falling a bit behind in posting our adventures so some of the “tenses” may not be accurate. Such is life on the road.

Putting behind us the exorbitant pit stop at Sand Hills Campground our MMM trek we hit the road early? (using LL’s definition of early anyway). As Lonesome Larry and BBB are newbys to Ontario and points beyond, we have been charged with the awesome responsibility of showing them all (well a few anyway) of the requisite tourist extravaganzas.

So first stop of course, would be arguably one of North America’s truly great marvels, the mighty Niagara Falls located in the Niagara Gorge. It is also known as the honeymoon capital of the world but fortunately there has been no suggestion or mention of renewing vows from any of our little group. Phew.  Our home base for the visit here would of course be at the spectacular Welland Camp Walmart. Renowned for its quiet peaceful setting we were not disappointed in the least and enjoyed a peaceful night’s rest necessary for the adventures ahead.

One morning we woke up to find a tiny lost visitor under the 5th wheel. The poor little birdie must have been blown out of the nest. It was unable to fly so LL carefully moved it to safer ground where hopefully it would survive. To date we have received no “tweets” on its condition.



Niagara Falls – May 28, 2016

Well before getting to see the sights one must find parking and while there was plenty of parking available there was no “cheap” parking available, much to DD’s chagrin, so we bit the bullet and found a reasonable rate within a 20 minute walk to the Horseshoe Falls.




BBB has a moose fetish


DD’s condition is even worse


even the tree stumps are happy here


I think this guy went over the falls in a barrel

Both DD and CC have been to the Horseshoe Falls before but it never fails to impress and with the warm sunny weather there was no shortage of other visitors taking in the sights as well. We strolled along the walkway above the Horseshoe Falls (taking way too many pictures) and further down river to take in the American Falls as well. I will not bombard you here with the minutia about the size of the falls etc.  as this is readily available online and can’t really convey the ambiance of the place.


above the falls at the old power station


above the falls





the “honeymooners”




LL has a barrel of fun at the falls


A first for the Captain at the Falls was a trip aboard the ship Hornblower, which takes you up close and personal to the base of the Horseshoe Falls where a thunderous roar of water and drenching spray greets your arrival. The deluxe plastic raincoats provided for the trip were only marginally effective against the onslaught. Needless to say we all quite enjoyed the ride despite the fact that we were not able to sail on the more famous “Maid of the Mist” which now exclusively sails from the American side.


the American Falls




views from the Hornblower


Back on dry land and looking for more adventure we purchased tickets for the “Journey Beneath the Falls”. This walking tour takes you down tunnels near the base of the Horseshoe Falls and into 2 portals where you are actually behind the wall of water of the falls. A very different view of the Horseshoe Falls from down below but again the roar and spray is inescapable.


BBB and DD Journey Behind the Falls






the Maid of the Mist


LL’s panoramic shot

After a really spectacular and tiring day, thoroughly enjoyed by all, we headed back to Welland for some much needed respite for our planned trip to Fort George and Niagara on the Lake the next day.

Fort George and Niagara on the Lake – May 30, 2016

Upon receiving glowing recommendations from MODD, the Aud One and the Coach a day trip to the quiet and quaint little Hamlet of Niagara on the Lake was the order of the day.  Along the way we stopped at an overlook to see the Niagara River whirlpools and the souped up tour boats “shooting” the rapids.  Further up the road we also stopped in at Laura Secord’s home where we were disappointed to find there were no free samples of Laura Secord chocolates being dispensed for our eating pleasure.


tram above the rapids




Arriving at Niagara on the Lake we found it to be neither quiet nor quaint. The place had been invaded by thousands of tourists and there was virtually no parking places available and even the side streets were jam packed. The real problem however was DD having a hunger ISSUE and without immediate access to a food dispensary we shelved our plans for a visit and moved on to Fort George.

Fort George turned out to be a haven of solitude after Niagara on the Lake and we were able to enjoy a leisurely stroll around the grounds and buildings and take in a bit of Canadian history at the same time. Despite our possibly exaggerated claims of victory over the Americans in the War of 1812, our American Cousins (Lonesome Larry and Busty Barb the Believer) tactfully ignored our bit of gloating, which exemplifies their true spirit of friendship.


















Tomorrow (May 30th) will see us again breaking camp and moving on to our next destination of Hamilton for some waterfall hiking.

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