Fire (nice) and Ice (not nice)

The Captain and Debbie Dewdrops are huddled up in Eagle 5 waiting for a snow storm to pass before making a final run to the Canadian border and back into British Columbia on Wednesday March 8th. Just by sheer “coincidence” we managed to make it as far as the Wild Horse Casino near Pendleton Oregon before stopping!!!  With good planning and a bit of old Irish luck we managed to make the 2400 km trip from the LTVA to here with dry roads and mostly sunny skies. Oh well all good things must end.

UPDATE: DD wins $40.00 and CC loses $20.00. Some things never change!!! LLL you’ll be glad to note that DD won on the Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania 3 (LLL3) machine!!!

The first section of the trip from Parker AZ to Valley of Fire is a traveler’s delight as the road winds through scenic mountains and valleys via Lake Havasu, Kingman and the Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

north of Parker

Lake Mead Parkway

Alluvial Fan for the #1 fan of the fan namely the Hawk

north end of Lake Mead

along the Parkway

And of course what would a road trip for the Captain and DD be without DD and some ISSUE.   This time it is relatively minor as DD is feeling the effects of a cold that she blames, believe it or not on MODD. Is it any wonder MODD has declined several lucrative offers from the Captain to MODD for her to retake ownership of her darling daughter DD.

DD and the Captain were intending to move the Eagle 5 onto their new RV Lot at Swan Lake Resort in Vernon right away however as winter is refusing to loosen its icy grip, it now seems likely we will stay farther south in at the NK’Mip RV Park near Osoyoos for a few weeks pending  the spring thaw.

Valley of Fire

It is difficult for DD and CC not to wax poetic and stumble over adjectives to describe our feelings about the Valley of Fire. Simply said it is our #1 place to camp and hike and once again our 4 days there on this trip did nothing to dissuade us to lower it in the rankings. Must be a lot of other folks who feel the same as both campgrounds were full all week and we just managed to snag the last available space when we arrived on Tuesday February 28th. For the most part the weather was warm (not too hot) and sunny and despite DD’s cold we did manage to get in a series of shorter hikes.  So without further ado I will let the pictures do the talking. I believe I can hear several “thank goodness’s out there” so here they are.

our campsite

one of our neighbours

our backyard view at sunset

campfire on last night

Atlatl Campground Hike

view of Atlatl campground

DD finds a stoned Kokopelli

Atlatl Campground from other end

Arch Campground

DD high on hiking

Mouse’s Tank

DD “live long and prosper”


enjoying some sunshine

Rainbow Vista


so I took a picture

but somebody was missing

Silica Dome

who is that up there

ya its CC

White Domes

the road out to the White Domes

The White Domes Trail – the whole story

entrance to a slot canyon

a favourite site for movies

remains of the set of “The Professionals

these rocks are not what they “seam”

is it safe to come outside??

well I guess

along the road back

Video on the road back to the Visitors Center

We also biked down to the deserted Overton Beach which in its day was a very busy vacation spot but sadly the lake dried up in this area over 15 years ago and the place is now a “ghost” beach although DD was put off (ISSUE) by a bull watching her ride by on the way in.

all that’s left of the lake here is a small stream

the old boat ramp

the main building

The following photos although included for the benefit of the Coach, who often sees things no others do in clouds and rocks, may be viewed by others as well.

Domino Duds

I have been chastised amongst other things by DD and BBB for not posting the final results of the 2016/17 Desert Domino Challenge. As you can well guess this year the Girls team took advantage of a distracted Boys team and squeaked out a 13 to 9 result. The 2016 challenge started out in the Chinese Year of the Monkey (the girls win) but 2017 will start in the Chinese Year of the Fire Rooster so expect the boys to be hot next season and reclaim the Championship.

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