Chillin in the Great White North

Sometimes reality just can’t be avoided and on upon our triumphant return to British Columbia we were hit with a good old fashioned dose of old man winter (snow and below freezing temperatures). More on this later but first I’ll torment you with a short poem I wrote after leaving the LTVA. I have tried to capture some of the spirituality I feel from my bike rides (with Steverino of course) into the desert back country during the Arizona winter.

The Coyote Grin

I rode out into the desert with a thirst I had to sate
Didn’t really have a plan to follow, some things are best left to fate
Got myself onto a burro trail that crossed across a ragged ridge
It settled in a gully under rocks carved like a bridge
A bridge can be a natural thing or perhaps a metaphor
If you’re not afraid to cross it, it can become a door
I crawled across the open space to see the other side
Not concerned at all with what I saw, I took it all in stride
There are strange sights you might see in the desert skies
Some can make you humble, some can make you wonder why
I climbed a cactus, but I was out of practice, even though I’d never done it before
So I waited til later, when my chances were greater, and my feet not quite as sore
I passed a coyote who gave me a grin, although it didn’t seem all that wide
Seemed to me that’s all he had, looking for a place to hide
Think he saw a change was coming to the desert and for all those who lived within
And there was no way the desert dogs stood a chance of pulling off a win
So I left him there with a vacant stare, feeling too sad to cry or maybe care
I made it through the long hot day even though I didn’t have a chance
Dreaming about a sunny beach somewhere in the south of France
You can never tell what your mind will find, it’s on an odyssey of its own
It might explode, it might implode, but it’ll get there in its own time
So you might want to ride out in the desert with a thirst you need to sate
But don’t drink it dry before looking that grinning coyote right in the eye
And promise him shelter until the storm abates
CC 2017

Back to the Great White North

Luckily (good planning) most of our trip north was pretty boring and uneventful. Bare roads and no snow or rain until we reached Pendleton Oregon. We holed up overnight there at an RV Park at the Wild Horse Casino to let a storm and cold front pass by and give DD a final chance to leave a US casino with some extra cash. And yes she did come out ahead but only by $40.00 after covering CC’s expected losses.

the Virgin River Gorge south of St. George Utah

just north of St. George

near Salt Lake City

sign on the dreaded Pendleton Hill

near Soap Lake Washington

starting to look like winter

well at least they plowed the road for us

Two days later we crossed the border at Osoyoos and made a decision to book into a local RV park (NK’MIP) there for a month as the long range weather forecast for Vernon did not look all that good (still winter) and it was unlikely we would be able to set up on our RV lot for at least a few weeks. Turned out to be good decision as we travelled up to Vernon a few days after arriving (March 8, 2016) and had to shovel over 2 feet of snow off the cement pad. DD still has ISSUES of being forced to undertake this manual labour.

the obligatory first stop when back in Canada


CC claims there is an owl in the tree??

our Grand Doggy Daughter after her first haircut by dad LLL

So while we wait to move further north we have made a couple of day trips to Vernon (a 5 hour return drive) to visit with our friends and neighbours. Our first venture up the valley to meet up with Bouncy Bernice took over 6 ½ hours because of an accident on the only highway north so it was a quick cup of coffee and back to Osoyoos. Seems some folks will go a long way for a good cup of coffee and a good friend. Driving was way better on the next trip and we were able get in a visit with Pauline and Uncle Normie and later in the day we were reunited with our Dinner Club group. Sad to hear but one of our Dinner Club members (Amy) as of this post has moved to the lower mainland.  Plans are in the works to take the show on the road (to Amy’s) this summer so hopefully the planets will align and we can all make the trip. For those who haven’t been with the Blog from the beginning the Dinner Club (former Baron Insurance employees) has been meeting fairly regularly every 6 to 8 weeks for the past 12 – 15 years.  A very special group of friends indeed.

Bouncy Bernice and DD

Dinner Group – CC, Amy, Virginia, Don, Wendy, Jim and Bouncy (Fearless Frank away at work)

OMG its Uncle Normie

a very happy reunion I think

Yesterday we traveled to Kelowna (only a 4 hour return trip) to spend the better part of the day with our “lumberjack” son Aaron.  He’s not really a lumberjack except in looks these days and it was wonderful to see him for the first time in over 18 months. His somewhat unorthodox and artistic lifestyle seems to suit him well and we hope to spend as much time as possible with him this summer as he is planning to move to Germany as soon as he has a sufficient grubstake.

Aaron and his Mommy

seems like CC is the short one in the family

Time to go as its time for Hockey Night in Canada. YIPPEEE

By stubbs99

2 comments on “Chillin in the Great White North

  1. Love the pictures of your son. You should get your poem published, Gary. It is very good especially fot those that know the desert. ❤❤❤

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