Swan Lake – 5 Weeks of Toil and Trouble

Well kids the Captain is back and he just wishes he had something interesting and/or entertaining to warrant the 5 week gap in getting a new post here on the blog. But as my faithful friends and readers know he is never shy about subjecting one and all to the tedium and routine of the daily lives of CC and DD.

Up until the past few days the rainy weather has continued but it looks like spring/summer will be arriving any day now. Why just the other morning I was really skeered on my morning run as a big bright yellow ball came up over the horizon. The 911 crisis agent talked me down by belting out a raspy rendition of the Beatles Here Comes the Sun. I almost felt like the Sun King.

Beware of the fog bank

a trickle of water under the highway

hot air balloon over the park taken from our window

that might be Captain Canada up there

double rainbow after a rain

the occasional blue sky 

As most of you are aware DD has returned to the ranks of the gainfully employed (3 days per week) and is working for her former employer at Baron Insurance.  As much as CC enjoys the “quiet time” while DD is off at work he is still finding it a bit hard to believe that DD is getting paid (according to her) with footwear instead of money!!!! DD seems to be really enjoying being back to work without the pressure she had when working full time.  She also seems a bit surprised that all the young kids there “really” like her although her new “at work nickname” of Granny (be kind to Senior Citizens Week) might be a bit of an explanation.

DD’s art deco photo of the week 

CC, DD and Wendy at early morning walk-a-thon

We did have an opportunity to check out a small section of the new Okanagan Rail Trail being completed on the old rail bed between Vernon and Kelowna.  This is going to be a spectacular hike/bike when completed next year.

Okanagan Trail along Kalamalka Lake

bikers on the trail

BB ready to hop in the shower

and so is DD

run off into the lake

one week later this dock was under water

DD and the Captain have also been able to catch up on some visits with folks we haven’t seen in a while. We have cleverly managed to schedule our visits as close as possible to dinner time and have scored a few good meals as a result.  We particularly enjoyed the hospitality of Dave and Eileen whom we hadn’t seen for years and who now live in Salmon Arm. Dave and his brother in law traveled to Nepal last year in an attempt to scale Mount Everest and while the climb was cut short because of health concerns the stories and pictures were great. We also had an evening out celebrating the retirement of Virginia, one of the original members of our infamous dinner group.

Dave, Eileen and DD

Virginia warns Don to back away from the cake

I think he got the message

And before moving on to the Toil and Trouble section of this post I would be remiss to not mention that Bouncy Bernice and Fearless Frank have adopted us as regulars for a weekly dinner and game of dominoes. And for those keeping score the Boys are currently ahead of the Girls by a score of 2 – 1.

Fearless can’t stand the heat in the kitchen as Bouncy makes Lava Cake

and it was very tasty

Toil and Trouble

Well it’s been almost 6 weeks now since the Captain checked his TO DO List and started on jobs 1, 2 and 3. What should have been a 2 or 3 week enterprise has turned into a 5 week ordeal with another week to go to completion. It’s quite amazing how working in a mud bog can bog you down.  So with any luck before the end of the month the new patio will be finished and I can get on with other more enjoyable tasks like painting fences and sheds and some repairs to Eagle 5.

Now if I had gone to Tim Hortons first it would have been Double Double Toil and Trouble as performed by the DD Three.

Job 1 – Extend RV Pad with Stones

CC playing in the mud


doesn’t he look thrilled

the first load of stones

and CC gets to work

and not everybody got stoned

job 1 done

Job 2 – Move the Shed

hey someone stole the shed

oh there it is

ready to move onto the base

job 2 is done

Job 3 – Install Patio Pavers

more fun in the mud

ready for the crushed gravel

Strange Days

Seems like every few days we get an email from a canine who insists on sending us pictures of herself recording her nomadic lifestyle.

Gypsy’s first taste of snow

BBB up the creek with only a puddle

left to right Gypsy, BBB and LLL Ha! Ha! just in case you couldn’t tell

Gypsy let LLL have one cookie           Good Boy LLL

I didn’t know it was muddy

hope they don’t leave me here

a bit of TV after a long day hiking

Gypsy tracks down a rare Steverino who at least came in peace

By stubbs99

2 comments on “Swan Lake – 5 Weeks of Toil and Trouble

  1. Nice to hear from you BC folks. I thought you gave up your blog. It has been a long time. Great to hear that there is a second income coming in for CC to enjoy. DD please keep buying your shoes. I have just retired from my part time job that I kept for six months for two days a week. Changing up for golf days. Take care Lots of love Lynn and Bob

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