Swan Lake – Turtles and “Toddlers”

Well looks like summer has definitely arrived here at Swan Lake with the summer solstice. Temperatures hit the low to mid 30s (hot whether expressed in C or F) this past weekend and are supposed to stay around 30 for at least the next week. So it’s a good thing that the Captain has completed all the heavy manual labour on the RV lot. Summer is not the only hot arrival this past week as “hurricane” Ellie has also arrived. More on this little storm later!!!

CC checking out his new living quarters

a bit of a tight fit

a baby quail hiding in the rocks

laying the pavers (90lbs each)

DD pretending to assist the Captain

oh oh!!! who ordered the pavers

CC scaring away the blackbirds

aliens left paver circles overnight

CC worked his ass off on this project

time to relax

table set for our first new patio dinner

mmmmmm yams, asparagus and veggie chicken

Pauline and Uncle Normie drop by for Sunday morning coffee

The annual turtle migration at Swan Lake Recreational Resort has started and we had a momma turtle use our lot to lay her eggs. They are currently in the ground and not sure when they will hatch but we will be keeping an eye out for the little turt-lettes when they poke their heads up out of the ground.

the turtle

A slow moving video” 

DD is starting to feel her age (65 in just one month) as she had a very busy week last week working  4 full days, a return day trip to Abbotsford, a Canada Day ukulele jam with over 100 ukes at Salmon Arm on Saturday and more ukulele on Sunday. Could be that she also rode her bike the 14.5 km to work every day. Such is life and not one to give up easily DD was seen again this morning one again pedaling her a_ _ to the office. What a trooper.

Our social calendar has been a little lite as of late however we did manage to meet with our Dinner Group at Bouncy’s and Fearless’s house in Armstrong and a couple of Happy Hours in the old neighbourhood.

the Dinner Group Wendy/Jim (back), Bouncy/Frank (right), Don/Virginia (front)

Irene’s Birthday Party and the neighbourhood Happy Hour

Fearless and Bouncy also subjected themselves to the inevitable DD screeching when they took us up to Becker Lake for an afternoon picnic in the Honda Pioneer. No word from Fearless and Bouncy as to whether they would ever subject themselves to a repeat performance.  A word to the wise: if you expect it can only get better expect to be mistaken.

should have had a muffler on this helmet

a very rustic campsite

CC and DD at Becker Lake

out for a family swim

thousands of tadpoles in the lake

Kalamalka Lake (left) and Okanagan Lake (right)

Kalamalka Lake

some of the wildlife we saw

these are deer in cow clothing (preparation for hunting season)

wild mountain roses

DD and the very tall Captain

Fearless Frank and Bouncy Bernice

a wreck sited down off the road

definitely been here awhile

the Captain checks looks for crash survivors

its an old GM according to the VIN

“Hurricane” Ellie

For those who have been reading the Blog for a while will know we lost our “Princess Kasey” about 2 ½ years ago and last winter we began our search for a new puppy. After several opportunities that fell through for a variety of reasons we are happy to announce that we are proud new parents of a 4 pound bundle of chaotic joy. Ellie is a toy/miniature poodle and will be about 9 pounds when fully grown.  DD and the Captain hope they are not causing her to have an early identity crisis as both of us have quite often called her Kasey instead of Ellie but I am sure we’ll all get over it eventually. Well I’m sure Ellie will but for us, well who knows for sure.  But for now it’s some sleep deprived nights and having to be extra careful to not step on the little ball of fluff that is constantly on our heels. Anyway its noon now and Ellie and the Captain are going to have our afternoon nap so we are awake when DD gets home to make us dinner.

Kasey at same age as Ellie

mom and Ellie

Ellie and DD ready to head home

Ellie seems okay with the seating arrangement

picnic stop on the way home

and a chance to stretch the legs a bit

the green green grass of home

checking out the patio

Ellie somewhat concerned to find another Oggorfian in Eagle 5

PS. Ellie has a message for cousin Gypsy. You will need to get a saddle or saddle bag so we can go on hikes together. Ha Ha.

the Captain shopping for Canada Day supplies

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  1. Nice patio!

    On Jun 26, 2017 4:37 PM, “Captain Canada and Debbie Dewdrops” wrote:

    > stubbs99 posted: “Well looks like summer has definitely arrived here at > Swan Lake with the summer solstice. Temperatures hit the low to mid 30s > (hot whether expressed in C or F) this past weekend and are supposed to > stay around 30 for at least the next week. So it’s a good” >

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