Swan Lake – Smoke on the Water

Well surprise, surprise the title of this Blog Post just happens to also be a song title. And of course that gives me the opportunity to once again link to that Golden Oldie of the same name, Smoke on the Water, by those old time heavy rockers Deep Purple.  Naturally this is a cute little segue into, no not lighting up a doobie in a canoe, but a more sobering report on the nasty weather we are enduring up here in Beautiful British Columbia. After a spectacularly wet spring with major flooding most of the province has hit a very dry spell with some areas including ours not receiving any rain since the beginning of June. In addition we have had 32C (90F) plus degree weather for several weeks now with more in sight. The inevitable result has been hundreds of forest fires burning. Fortunately none of the fires has been too close to us but over 50,000 other unfortunate folks have at times been evacuated from their homes and this is right now normally when fire season starts. Yikes!!!  So yes there is fire in the sky and smoke on the water which is the chorus of the song.  From rereading the foregoing there is a good chance that the smoke has affected me more than I thought, or maybe not some might say.

smoke on the water

a fire in the sky

And madly off in another direction I just realized that we now have an alphabetically correct alliterative family group. CC (Captain Canada), DD (Debbie Dewdrops) and EE (Energetic Ellie).

baby quail at our site

Video of Bay Quail

Canada Day at the Park

DD and Captain Canada spent a relaxed Canada day at the RV with EE before heading over to the Canada Day Barbecue and the park Club House. Despite this being “his day” the Captain was forced to provide his own veggie dogs for the barbecue. The Captain was gracious enough to ignore this unintended slight in true Canadian fashion by apologizing to everyone there for being a vegetarian.

Canada Day 2017

Canada Day barbecue at the Club House

Leslie, Rob, Jim, CC and Chris

same pic with DD

diet size cakes and cookies

All about DD Month

Once again anyone who was within shouting distance of DD was reminded that it was her birthday month and that it was all about her for the month of July. So it was with some trepidation that our neighbourhood Happy Hour group arranged a party for DDs 65th that would be shared with Terry another member of our group. Amazingly DD took no umbrage at this intrusion into her month and thoroughly enjoyed the celebration.

Norm and Teresa with the Birthday Girls

something not quite right

Ha Ha DD is really 70

DD and CC received a visit from our good friends Pat and Bill from Campbell River who stopped by on their way home from touring BC and the Yukon. We expect to see Pat and Bill again in the Desert this winter.

Pat and Bill with CC

Pat and Bill with CC

We also hosted our Dinner Club group at the RV Park with Bouncy Bernice, Fearless Frank, Don and Virginia attending.

Don, CC, Virginia, Bouncy and Fearless

Ellie and Sophie

Shortly after meeting Ellie, Bouncy Bernice decided it was high time for her and Fearless to get back in the doggy game and within short order she adopted a 7 week old puppy (Phantom Poodle) named Sophie.

Bouncy and Sophie

CC and the kids

Ellie and Sophie have become PPs (Poodle Pals) and visit each other regularly for PPP (Poodle Pals Playtime). The two kids (Ellie is 3 weeks older) get along wonderfully despite the slight size difference and manage to roughhouse it without anyone getting hurt. It’s actually quite tiring watching these 2 and their nonstop frolicking.

the girls go at it

winner gets the ice cream cone

a take down by Sophie

and maybe a pin

The Kids in Action

halftime break

EE (now a whopping 6 lbs) has also managed to make many doggie friends (Spuds, Tiki, Sparky, Whiskers, Gladis, Zena etc. etc.) around the Park and shows no fear of event the very big doggies.  We have also had a few folks we have never met stop by to see the “new cute puppy” in the park.

Roxy checks out EE

EE is now just about 4 months old and is finding out that when at home just being cute doesn’t get her a free pass to chew shoes and dig in the yard at her pleasure but we’re not really sure if she is getting the full message.  She sometimes seems to have a bad case of “puppy brains”.  Despite the many “what we have here is a failure to communicate” moments she is a real little sweetie and we love her to bits.

hey my bowls empty

In another week we will be heading to Ontario for MODDs (Mother of Debbie Dewdrops) 90th Birthday and a visit with the Coach and the Aud One.

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