Its a Long Way to the Birthday Party

Well with the Valley smoke and hot temperatures forecast to hang around for a while yet it looks like we picked a good time to pack up and head eastward to the Oggorfian Empire for MODDs 90th birthday and a visit with the rest of DD’s Oggorfian clan. For those who are uniformed about the Oggorfian Empire and for those that have blissfully forgotten I include below an excerpt from a previous blog post for your erudition. This is obviously a gratuitous filler given a decided lack of intelligent/interesting current content not flowing from CC’s brain.

“For those of you who are interested, and who wouldn’t be, DD’s hometown is also known by some (the Captain) as the Oggorfian Empire. This derives from the convoluted thought processes that flow out of the Captains head. DD was at one time referred to as “Froggy” because of her mixed French/English/Irish heritage. This became tiresome after a while but fate would intervene. Watching an episode of Star Trek, the crew was beamed down to earth in the 1930’s gangster era. To disguise Spock from the gangsters he was given a hat that covered his pointy ears and referred to by the moniker of “Spocko”. At this point Froggy became “Froggo”. Alas again after an undefined period of time Froggo became even more tiresome and unimaginative. The solution, say Froggo backwards and what do you get but “Oggorf”. From this very obvious and rational evolution to the name of Oggorf there was a need for a connection to a homeland hence the Oggorfian Empire was born which I might add has its own national anthem and other empirian bling.”

Before heading out EE had a visit with Sophie for a romp around the yard. The poor little girls won’t see each other for 6 weeks. SAD.

EE on her way to visit Sophie

so yes Ill be going away for awhile

so lets play a bit first

So on with the show. For the first time in several years we headed out on a road trip without Eagle 5 in tow. The trip to Oggorfian would take us 5 full days of driving (800 km per day) and would be a test of EEs travelling tolerance. After a somewhat antsy first morning of driving EE adjusted quite nicely and settled in and handled the trip with ease.

these long drives really stress me out

It certainly was different staying in motels every night and one would think this would make life easier on the road and it probably would have except for the time and effort required loading and unloading EEs and DDs copious cargo morning and night.

heading out of Vernon and the smoke

good morning sunshine

and through the Rockies

starting to clear up a bit

finally smoke free near Banff

moving day on the prairies

DD’s trifecta of art decos

hope this doesn’t bring back bad memories to Fearless Frank (inside joke folks)

a roadside stop near Dryden Ontario

EE always up to playing with new friends along the way

Our 3rd night on the road landed us at the northern Oggorfian Outpost of Thunder Bay Ontario where MODD just happened to be visiting her sister Bea. We were invited to dinner by DDs cousin Cathy and husband Joe and enjoyed an evening with them and MODD and Bea.

Bea and Joe

Joe and Cathy


the mothers and daughters

getting goosed in Wawa

waterfall at another roadside stop

MODDs Birthday

MODD given her exalted status of 90 years was allowed to have 2 birthday parties. The first party (August 16th – the birthday) was for the kids only; DD, Lynn, Jim, Jeneen, Maureen, Jodie and their spouses. Making a special guest appearance for the dinner was our darling granddaughter Alyssa who flew in from Powell River BC for the celebration. As Alyssa could only be in Newmarket for 3 days she was allowed special dispensation from MODD to be on the guest list.

the Oggorfians with added attraction Alyssa (bottom right)

MODDs 2nd birthday celebration was on the 20th and was hosted by Lynn and Bob in their condo party room. The fete was well attended with almost 70 well wishers stopping by. The majority were relatives hence the term often used by CC to describe the family as the Oggorfian Horde. MODD thouroughly enjoyed the afternoon despite it cutting into her nunu time (afternoon nap). She did make up for it when she got home though.

MODD 90 years young at 2nd party

not sure these guys liked the cake??

brothers Jim and Jody with DD

Maureen with new grandson James

MODD with some of the great grand children

Laura with her mom, grand daughter Alyssa and daughter Leah

The rest of our visit in the Empire (until August 31st) had us visiting DDs siblings and CC doing a lengthy list of chores for MODD. Well not really lengthy or difficult; to refuse would be downright rude and might also bring the wrath of the Oggorfian Empire down upon ones head, so compliance really isn’t an issue. Ha Ha just joking MODD. EE was reasonably well behaved in her first visit to an apartment condo building although she refused to walk into the elevator and had to be carried down 3 flights of stairs to go out for her nightly pee. She’s definitely not a city dog.

Ellie and CC strolling down creating memories lane

Tom Taylor Trail near Fairy lake

Ellie meets Otis at the market

I could use a BIG friend like you Otis, my man

Jaina and nephew Allan on porch of their new house

MODD and Maureen at Allan and Jaina’s house

DD wants me to say “And the beet(s) goes on” for this pic???? real funny ha! ha!

soon to be filled

DD and Donna beeting around the bush

MODD displays her knitting handiwork with wool frm Bouncy Bernice

EE posing after her spa day!

Next stop on the trip will be to the Bath House for visit with the Coach and Aud One.

By stubbs99