Re”Tired” and Powered-Up

Although the October TO DO list was quite lengthy in preparation for our journey south CC managed to check everything off while DD lazed about at work earning money for replenishing her shoe collection. EE had her beautification day at the groomers followed up with visiting the vet to get spayed.  She tolerated the operation quite well and despite not following doctors orders to rest  for a week she made a speedy recovery.

We managed to run up some expensive repairs having Eagle 5 readied for the upcoming road trip. We were finally able to get the storage compartment leak repaired. The repair was tested almost right away with several days of heavy rain that fortunately stayed outside where it belonged. Additionally we had the brakes rewired so we were good to go or should I say we were good to stop!!

Our dinner group met once at Wendy and Jim’s new house for a pot luck dinner. Unfortunately Blog photographer DD missed another great opportunity to provide photo verification of this event.  Thanksgiving dinner found us at Bouncy Bernice and Fearless Franks and their kids.  Dinner was great even without “faux turkey” for DD and CC. And of course EE and playmate Sophie spent most of the visit racing around the house and yard until they could barely stand. They both slept well that night. We had one last visit with BB and FF before leaving town so the kids could have one last play.

the gang at BBs and FFs house for Thanksgiving

looks like CC and FF have never seen anyone cut a pie before

the kids at play

Pauline and Normie hosted a birthday party for CCs 65th and also had us over on another night for veggie burgers that they needed to get rid of before we left town.  Just kidding Pauline!.  I must say we were well fed by friends and neighbours who, I think, subconsciously believe vegetarians may not be able to fend for themselves.

So on October 27th after a very busy month we headed out with a final stop in Kelowna for a visit with our struggling author son Aaron. Despite a frugal lifestyle he is in good health and good spirits. As it turns out, a mistake by CC which led us to leave a week earlier than originally planned turned out to be fortuitous.  A few days after our departure very cold weather and snow, yes snow, descended on the valley.

fall colours at our RV Park

this poor birdie died in his/her nest

packing up is hard on the head

heading south down the Okanagan Valley

Road Issues

Fleeing the inclement weather heading to the valley we had clear sailing, at least weather-wise the whole trip to Imperial Dam. Our first overnight stop at the Wild Horse Casino in Pendleton also seemed to bode well for the trip as both DD and CC won some money on the slots. Yes even CC managed to come out $20 to the good. What could possibly go wrong, you might well be thinking at this point and if that’s the case just keep on reading. Two days later just south of Ely, NV we heard a bang that sounded like something had fallen out of the truck box. Pulling over we found nothing missing but walking back to the 5th wheel, the broken and partially missing fender skirt clued us in to the fact that one of the trailer tires had blown.  Incredibly this was the first time in almost 20 years of hauling trailers that we have had a blowout or a flat. Despite DDs certainty (read ISSUE) that the 5th wheel would tip over CC managed to put on the spare tire in less than ½ an hour. Looks like it’s time for new set of tires for the rig.

somewhere in Idaho

sunset at the Wild Horse casino

that doesn’t look good

hope CC finishes before the trailer falls over, right DD

Our next planned stop was for a 3 day visit at Valley of Fire State Part. We love being at this park and try to stop in whenever we travel through the area. The amazing red rocks and hills never fail to impress and the quiet darks nights guarantee one gets a peaceful sleep. EE has handled the trip well so far but seems to have enjoyed the opportunity to stretch her legs for few days. CC took the opportunity while here to test out his doggy clippers on EE. EE apparently didn’t take to well to the idea and zigged when she should have zagged and as a result an unintended chunk of hair on her head was gouged out. CCs feeble attempt to fix the blunder meant that EE was the not so proud owner of her very first very “bad hair day”. Well the old saying is that the way to deal with a bad haircut is to wait 2 weeks so we’ll wait and see.

Eagle 5 at Valley of Fire

moon rise

red rocks at the Seven Sisters

EE and DD at Rainbow Vista

alien birth pods??

hopefully new pictures never seen before on my blog

things started out okay, but then

EE zigged instead of zagging

Desert Doldrums?

We had given some consideration that this year we would set up in a new location as our Klingon friends Busty Barb the Believer and Lucky Lonesome Larry were relocating to the north end of the LTVA so they could better keep an eye on us, and GG (Gorgeous Gypsy) would be closer to her playmate EE. The decision was made easier as our usual site had been commandeered by our former neighbours and we have set up camp at a new site on Herman’s  Horsepath. I think someone mistook a burro for a horse therefore the misnomer on the road name.  The spot we are in is still very nice despite no longer having a view of the reservoir and isn’t very crowded yet as a lot of folks have yet to arrive.

our 2017/2018 site

came with a GUARD DOG

views from our site

the Phantom Phaeton and the Klingons across the road

beware the dust weevils

full moon arising

We have been here about a week now and have pretty much gotten everything set up with only a couple of ISSUES. The biggie being that one of the batteries was leaking and the others were discharged too far down to save, so on our second day here we had to make a trip to El Cento to pick up new batteries at Costco.  Our solar system is now back up and running efficiently. The 2nd issue was encountered in trying to align our satellite dish.  Fortunately our good friend RRR (Roland the Rockin Raconteur) was nearby and lent his expertise in helping me get the dish set up properly.

Other than these “minor” issues we are settling in like we sort of own the place. EE is enjoying the great outdoors although she seems to be a bit territorial and has claimed ownership of the surrounding area. DD is currently at Yoga and will be going to her Ukulele jam later. Morning hikes and runs are back on the agenda and life is good.  That said what would a blog post be without at least one complaint?? I know the folks back home will not appreciate this but it is perhaps just a little bit too hot here. It has been in the high 80s and this trend is expected to continue for another 10 to 12 days.  On the bright side it makes the tradition of afternoon siesta very attractive.

sunrise of the week

Our friends BBB and LLL have not moved out to the LTVA yet as LLLs mom and dad are currently visiting them at their new luxury abode in town.  Several of our former neighbours have not yet, or are not returning this year so the happy hours are not as frequent or crowded as in the past.

My apologies if it seems (or actually is) that the quality of this post is now falling off but I read somewhere that office type of work (and this might be considered office type of work) is best performed of performed best when the temperature is around 62F and as it is now hovering at about 30 degrees over that optimum and I’m nodding off a bit I’ll have to sign off now.  Another sign is long unintelligible sentences however It could be my imagination but a better explanation might be that there needs to be a certain level before one can fall off.


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  1. Hi CC & DD Glad to hear the family has arrived safely. Gary if you don’t like the warm weather, please send it up our way. We would really enjoy it. Have a fantastic winter season. Take care Love Lynn and Bob

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