Dogs, Frogs but Fortunately No Bogs

It is starting to get a bit more crowded out here in the LTVA.  A goodly number of folks (mostly U.S.A.ers) don’t head south until after the U.S. Thanksgiving which this year fell on November 23rd. This group includes our good friends Dirty Dog Dave and Jezebel Jeannine whom we expect to see in the next few days. BBB and LLL said their goodbyes to Mom and Dad and are now part timing (75%) in the LTVA just across the road from us. This handy location means EE and GG get to have almost regular playtimes together which for the most part involves rolling around in the dirt. Might be time to invest in a portable doggy shower for these two critters.

Given the copious amounts of dust and dirt around and EEs ability to absorb about twice her weight in grime in her coat she was thrilled to spend several hours at a local Puppy Spa and came out  looking like a showgirl. Alas this look is not likely to last beyond a few play times with GG.


and after

GG and EE are now full time members of the Sunday morning “Round the Lake Hiking Club”. The 2 young canines have now made 3 trips with old guys/girls although EE has hitched a ride with CC for short stretches in order to complete the course on the same day. EE usually signals her need for a ride by laying down on the roadside and refusing to move. EE is not one for subtlety for sure.

Round the Lake Hike

and EE getting a ride

And as was bound to happen temperatures have dipped below 80 degrees and mid 70s are predicted for the next couple of weeks. The downside (there’s always a downside isn’t there??) is with falling temperatures stronger winds have also made an appearance, which is no big deal if you just have short stubby hair like CC but is a big deal if you are a very small dog like EE.

Thanksgiving Dinner at the Ramada (close to 100 attended)

what the hell is CC eating!!!


and DD was there as well

LLL and CC were challenged by the girls to continue on with our Desert Dominoes challenge and the early results have the boys taking a huge 3 -2 game lead. We expect this lead to increase substantially once the girls become disheartened with the futility of trying to best us.

Dominoes under the Big Top at night

Weekly Hikes/Bikes and Runs

Great to be back in the saddle with CCs regular weekly (Tuesday morning) outback bike rides with Steverino and unless one of us brings a camera we will be unable to provide any visual verification of these outings. Suffice to say we have been out on 3 runs so far of over 10 miles and despite the rugged terrain the only injuries other than to our egos have been some minor scratches and bruises.

the BAD BOY Bikers after a ride

Steverino also leads our weekly group hikes.  The first one of the season was a fairly casual walk over and around some small local ridges and perhaps it doesn’t rate a full mention given its brevity and also as only CC went there were no pictures to provide verification. As of right now DD and CC are alternating on the hikes in that EE isn’t ready to be left on her own for the 3 hours necessary to do the hike.  She still YIPS a bit when left alone in her kennel and we are not quite ready to trust her with the run of the place on her own. Don’t be fooled by her innocent look folks this dog can be a terror!!

CC is making a gallant attempt to get back into shape after a lazy summer and is out early every Friday morning for the 7 mile lake run. Two runs in so far and still gasping for breath on some of the hills but will keep plodding away.

Split Canyons Hike (DD)

DD got her first hike in when the group headed out to the Split Canyons in Senators Wash. About a dozen hikers were led by Psychedelic Steverino on this nice little hike that follows two canyons that split off from the main wash. DD has not included a narrative for the hike but has provided some excellent photographs.

where are we hiking to Steve. Like far out man!!!

at the split



water swirls in the rock

the Lost Canuck spies something on the ground

its a lttle oggorfian (froggie). now why didn’t DD see that first

Gold Mines Hike

CCs turn this past week. The hike to the Gold Mines is a regular winter hike for the group and has been reported in the Blog for the past few years it is hard to find something new to say about it. Suffice to say that every year we take a slightly different route to the mines and regardless the hike is always an enjoyable way to spend the morning. One major difference this year is that not only was CC hiking but had been given the heavy responsibility of being the hike “blog-tographer “ It also gives our readers an opportunity  to compare the quality of the pictures (above) taken by DD who comes in with years of experience with the ones below taken by CC who  comes to the task with virtually nothing relative on his CV (resume dudes). If you feel you must vote please do so by secret ballot at

the Lucky 13 hikers

plus GG and

Izzy as the guide dogs

out on the trail

and up a ridge

break time after a climb

GG lapping up the hike

an old mine entrance

the main mine area

Squaw Lake in the background

the old “swimming pool”

Izzy on patrol

Squaw Lake Campground

oooooo so scary

on the return trip

an old quartz mine

The Happy Baby

DD claims the above moniker (click on ling above) as she is now going to Yoga 3 times per week at the gravel pit ramada. DD has also resumed her weekly Uke classes and is once again preparing for her yearly stage show at the Christmas Concert. DDs solo performance will not be disclosed in advance but stay tuned for the video in late December.

DDs Art Deco of the Week



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