Ellie’s White Christmas??

The Captain is sad to report that his long serving laptop (10 years) has translated its last ones and zeros into computer code. Despite CC completely disassembling and valiantly performing CPR (Computer Pixel Resuscitation) the old HP was beyond salvation and passed away peacefully just before Christmas. This blog post is being written and produced on a new Acer 14” Chromebook, however, given its annoying limitations it will most likely be CCs first “product return” of 2018.

On a much happier note the boys (LLL and CC) are pleased to have finished off the first half of the Desert Dominoes Challenge with a significant 6 to 3 lead. Its extremely rare that a team has been able to recover from this large a deficit in half a season and we expect DD and BBB will be up to the challenge.

For Christmas this year DD, CC and EE headed to Tucson to spend a few days with DDs sister Jeneen and hubby Pat. More on the trip below.

Prior to going to Tucson DD with help from BBB hosted her annual Christmas Eve bonfire in the desert. Because of travel plans the bonfire was held on the evening of the 23rd and about 18 of our friends and neighbours dropped by. The weather, while reasonably warm saw a nasty cool breeze start up around five which sent folks home earlier than expected but everyone had a good time and enjoyed the huge box of chocolates and Danielle’s homemade sugar pies.

the BIG box of chocolates

around the fire

BBB and LLL huddled up like its cold outside (not)

DD and the Desert Pickers put on another virtuoso performance at the LTVA Christmas Cantata with DD in a starring role as Alvin of chipmunk fame. See video below.

We were also treated to another desert Parade of Lights through the LTVA. See video below.

Weekly Hikes and Bikes

CC and DD continue to alternate going on our weekly hikes with DD making one trek out to the Box Canyon and Beyond. This hike was led of course by Steverino and his new trusty sidekick “the General”.

the “General”

This hike became somewhat extended as the group had to backtrack over a mile to search for a cell phone left behind at a rest stop.

the only picture DD was able to get of herself

Steverino ponders his next step

desert flower power

DDs Art Deco pic of the week

Steverino as Walmart Canyon greeter

it’s only a little tarantula, it won’t hurt you!!!!!!!!

CC hiked with the group on the what now seems to be the requisite Colorado Outlook hike.  CCs 2nd hike (an unofficial affair)as Steverino had left to go to Idaho for Christmas saw 4 diehard hikers head out to the Turquoise Mines on a very blustery day.

CC is only a small shadow of his former self

heading up to the outlook

finally made it

heading home

must be the Lost Canuck

With Steverino being away and unable to make the big weekly back country bike ride the Captain decided on a road ride out to the big guns which is a 20 mile return trip. Before leaving CC knowing better gulped down a 3rd cup of coffee which resulted in a mildly amusing encounter with the police. At about 3/4s of the ride out CC was in dire need of a bathroom break. Spying a cluster of bushes just off the road CC quickly dismounted and dropped the bike on the shoulder of the road and scrambled down the slope to the sanctuary of the bushes. No sooner had CC unzipped than a vehicle pulled off the road behind him. A quick glance behind confirmed that a police officer was exiting his vehicle and heading to the scene of the crime. Before approaching too close the officer called out and asked if everything was okay. CC in an inspired moment responded with “I’m fine, still shakin the bush boss”. Fortunately the officer instantly recalled this memorable line from that old Paul Newman classic Hud and with a shake of his own (his head folks) and a bit of a grin he left me to pee in peace.

Christmas in Tucson

We arrived at Pat and Jeneen’s late afternoon on Christmas Eve. Once settled into their rental house EE was delighted to discover that she had plenty of room to race up and down the halls and around the living room kitchen circuit at full speed, something not possible in our humble trailer abode and this mad racing occurred at irregular intervals during our 4 day visit. EE also was also treated to a bath by the Captain to get rid of her desert beige hue while here.

EE really likes her bath

or does she

EE and her new friend

look at how tall I am

DD and her fellow Oggorfian??

Christmas Day was spent for the most part gabbing and visiting and was topped off with a pot luck dinner at the recreation center. The dinner, for Canadians only, was well attended as could be expected where most of the residents are from the Great White North.

the sisters preparing spuds for the dinner

look at all the happy Canadians

Jeneen and Pat

CC has gone through the “change” a clue – see name tag

On Boxing Day (not a holiday here) the Captain tagged along with a group of 16 other folks on a hike to the top of the Golden Gate Mountain. This hike was about 2 and ¼ miles one way with a vertical climb of 1900 feet. About 1500 of this was in the last ¾ mile up a borderline path. It was great hike with fantastic views from the top. In the evening we reintroduced Pat and Jeneen to dominos and it goes without saying that the boys were triumphant. Jeneen will probably try to claim her very bad cold affected their game but folks just don’t you believe it.

Golden Gate Mountain

views for the top

archery range below

On Wednesday Pat drove us on the very scenic drive up to Mt. Lemmon. It was amazing to see the large number of cyclists making the 25 mile climb to the peak. Don’t think this is something I would be chomping at the bit to try. Well maybe if DD bought me a new $5000 road bike sometime soon, as we will be going back to Tucson in late February for another visit with Pat and Jeneen before heading home to Canada.

pictures at a rest stop on the way up

DD on the rocks

must be cold as CC is wearing a jacket

no way man

EE not sure what this white stuff is

now there’s a cookie

yummy yummy in the tummy

on the way back down

Later on Wednesday we went out to dinner with several of Pat’s family at a very unique eatery called Fred’s Arena. The restaurant is located in the barn of an actual working farm. The thin crust pizza here was just about the best we have ever had.

Pat checks out the authentic stage coach inside the restaurant

DD and CC don’t always deliver

this guy may be dinner some day

DD manages to capture all the right pictures

one of the new additions to the farm

and another

Being away for Christmas meant that we missed our annual Christmas morning hike up Telegraph Pass so we have rescheduled it to January 1st. Happy New Year to all.


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  1. Kudos to our friend the fearless Debbie (also known as Alvin) for her courageous and well-executed rendition of Alvin’s hula-hoop Xmas wish.

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