February Fun & Froggies

Another winter season at Imperial Dam LTVA has now come and gone for the Captain, Debbie Dewdrops and new family member Eccentric Ellie. We left the LTVA at bit earlier than normal this year so we could spend some time in Tucson visiting DD’s sister Jeneen and hubby Pat. We are also hoping the weather will cooperate so we can do a bit of touring up towards Monument Valley on our way home but a current cold spell may put a damper on this plan. Only time will tell at this point. Our target date to return to Canada is March 28th.

will miss these colouful skies for sure

EEs spruced up for the jouney home

So without further ado the following is a roundup of some of our last few weeks in the desert.

The Valentines Day Brunch

BBB and LLL hosted a Valentines Day brunch for a group of their and Gypsy’s closest winter compatriots. With the exception of the somewhat overpowering olfactory assault experienced by DD and CC from the smell of frying bacon our hosts more than outdid themselves in winning our hearts with their breakfast bonanza.

noon is a little early apparently for Kurly Kathy

LLL and DD work the inside kitchen

while BBB toils under the watchful eye of Steverino

Greg, Billy Goat and LLL chow down

while CC presides over the outside table with KK, Fred and Reba

LLL the coffee serving wench extraordinaire

Pat and Steverino at the buffet table

no comment form CC

LLL and CCC chat about dish pan hands

while the girls play outside

On thing for sure is that these two girls are going to miss each others company and play times until November 2018, but then again not sure EE is going to miss having GG push her into the burro poop.

The Dominos Debacles

As reported in my last blog post the girls were ahead in the 2nd half of the Desert Dominos Challenge and had threatened to not partake in any further matches to prevent the boys from making a historic comeback. Alas it was not to be and the girls managed to squeak to a narrow 7 to 3 victory to take the 2nd half title which still left them in a 1 to 1 tie with the boys for the season. Tsk tsk. The boys were however “crowned” as champions

On another domino front CC and Dirty Dog Dave (of Missouri fame) absolutely destroyed the girls, DD and Jezebel Jeannine by routing them 3 to 0. The 3 games didn’t seem to last quite as long as the litany of excuses from the girls we were entreated to after the games ended.

JJ must be commended however as she and DDD did provide us with Doggy Daycare one evening so we could go out to dinner with LLL and BBB.

EE at Jeannine’s Doggy Daycare

JJ and DDD seem kinda happy that EE has finally gone home

The Oggorfians Strike Back

Two of DDs sisters Jeneen and Maureen (let’s just call them the “eens”) made a very long one day return trek from Tucson for a visit. Jeneen accompanied DD to her ukulele jam session while CC and EE took Maureen on a 4.5 mile hike through a couple of nearby slot canyons.

DD and the “eens” Maureen on left and Jeneen on right

CC and Maureen compare winter tans

The Weekly Hikes

Western Ridge

The Former Feckless Five hiking group added a 6th member (Howard the Duck) and scaled the 1200 vertical foot ridge at the west end of the LTVA. Although not quite the challenge of Castle Dome the boulder strewn surface of the ridge presented plenty of opportunities for twisted ankles and broken hiking poles.

about halfway up the ridge

Billy Goat resting a little further up at the top

still climbing

okay looks like we made it

Jake the Snake, LLL, Billy Goat, Howard the Duck with Steverino on the right

some curious rocks up here

looking down to the LTVA with the reservoir in the background

The Turquoise Mine

DD and sidekick EE enjoyed a Steverino led hike out to the old turquoise mine along with 27 other hearty hikers. This annual hike is a pleasant desert trek on mostly level ground which probably explains the large number of hikers.

hiking through washes

looking back at the LTVA

looks like the gang is all here

lunch stop and photo op

Steverino guards the old stone cabin, but why

that is the question

Natural Bridge

The natural bridge hike is another annual favourite with a few more challenges than the turquoise mine hike including a return through the V slot canyons in Imperial Wash. CC, DD, EE covered the 5 mile hike along with a group of 14 others.

below the bridge

EE as the lead dog

CC and EE on the bridge

heading back down the wash

CC the slot canyon greeter

EE checking her rear view mirror

winding our way down

EE finds a dry watering hole

looks like there is no way out

CC explores for an escape route

EE home after the hike

The Back Country Bikes

Steverino and the Captain could only manage one final backcountry ride in February however we got in a good one that covered over 18 miles and took us out Ferguson road to the top of Wolf Canyon, down through the canyon to the reservoir, then on to Kripple Kreek. Past Kripple Kreek we headed west to Coyote Ridge and on to the 727 before making in back to the LTVA. A pretty good 3 hour ride to end the season and for once both of us made the ride relatively unscathed.

coming off Ferguson Road

heading down Wolf Canyon

no road signs out here

Steverino spies a downed cyclist???

the water is so low in the reservoir the out take can be seen

heading up the 727

Etcetera Etcetera Etc.

Seems like I could go on and on but I won’t. Thanks goodness!, I can hear you say, so here are some pictures of a few of our last month’s activities as reported from the parking lot of the Casino del Sol in Tucson. But before I do I must say that this has to be the busiest RV parking lot we have ever been in. In the past when we have been here there were probably 10 to 12 RVs, but this time there are close to 100 units which dwarfs the 50 plus rigs we encountered at the Walmart in Whitehorse a few years ago.

this shows just on small section of the parking lot

fireworks at YPG 75th Anniversary form about a mile away

Vidie of the fireworks

DDs catches Buster performing at her last Sunday Jam session

Roland the Rockin Raconteur and Amorous Arlette also kick one out

CC and DD at Wheezys for dinner with

yes you guessed it… the former Klingons BBB and LLL

also enjoying our last campfire of the season

DD claims she sees a face in the fire???


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