Spring Has Not Sprung in the GWN

The tired trio hobbled across the border back into “Oh Canada” on March 27th, one day before we would have been deported by Uncle Sam. Did you ever notice that Uncle Sam’s initials are U.S. Coincidence I think not!! A little off topic but it could be the effects of the cold arctic air blowing through my ears as we unhitched on the old homestead. Regardless, it is nice to be back home for a six months and with DD going back to work part time (3 days per week) on April 2nd the Captain will not have to seek solace so often in the inconspicuous, but well used “cone of silence”.

We have been pretty busy since getting back with setting up for the summer and visiting friends. Last night we spent the evening with Bouncy Bernice and Fearless Frank with the entertainment being provided by the inexhaustible antics of the Salt (Ellie) and Pepper (Sophie) poodles as they chased, wrestled and chewed on each other for almost 3 hours. These 2 kids are just 3 weeks apart in age and pretty much the same size.

We have paid a couple of visits to our ailing friend Normie who is just home from the hospital after major surgery and might be just a bit grumpier than before, although some would argue that there’s no way he could never ever get any grumpier. Pauline deserves a medal for looking after the old guy and I’m sure he’ll reward her with something extravagant when he finally recovers??? Right Normie.

In the last few days before we crossed the border we were happy to receive phone calls from Hawk and the Red Fox. These two kids spent the winter in different locales. Hawk camped in Florida and enjoyed the heat and time for writing while Red Fox endured numerous shopping trips despite the many nor’easters in Newberry Port, NJ that tried to keep her shut in. Good luck in keeping this girl down.

Also chatted a few times with best buds LLL and BBB and GG who are making preparations (except GG) for their trip to Germany this summer which also includes a “romantic” cruise on the Mediterranean. Gee Larry, you’re such a darling. You must owe BBB for something to do this!! DD and BBB also started making plans for another trip to Newfoundland in 2020. Sheeesh.

LLL reports that most of the desert denizens have left the Imperial Dam LTVA with the exception of our Drummondville friends Andre and Danielle. All our other LTVA friends (Dirty Dog Dave/Jezebel Jeannine, Roland the Rockin Raconteur/Amorous Arlette, Peppermint Patty/Billy Goat, Steve/Madelyn, Chris/Von, Sandy/Jerry and of course Steverino) are either home or are on their way home. Hope to see you all next fall.

So back to the script. After leaving Stewart’s Point we still didn’t know what our itinerary was and with only about 6 days left we decided to do a quick drive through Saint George to Page and up through Monument Valley to Moab, across to Salt Lake City and north to Pendleton with a final overnight stop in Omak WA.

Page – Lone Rock Page

Our 2nd overnight stop after Stewart’s Point was at Lone Rock Beach just outside of Page AZ. Camping on the beach here was one of the Captain’s bucket list events. According to many free camping web sites this stop was a no brainer even though there was a $10.00 BLM fee. Well the Captain should have been a little more diligent in his research because this is now part of the Lake Powell National Recreation Area and in addition to the $25.00 entrance fee there was also a $14.00 per night camping fee. Gee only $39.00 bucks for dry camping on the beach. What a deal. So like good honest Canadian kids we coughed up and paid up. We think it was highly unlikely that most of the other campers paid as there was no one at the gate and no one came to check to see if we had paid. Regardless, is was a beautiful (but crowded) spot to camp and we only got the Eagle 5 slightly stuck in the sand once so DD only had one major flip out the whole time.

Monument Valley and Moab

We drove from Page to Moab in one day. Very difficult to describe the incredible rock formations in Monument Valley. As the weather was cold and windy we didn’t make too many pit stops for pictures so most of the ones posted here are from inside the truck so DD wasn’t able to get the professional results to which our readers have become accustomed.

In Moab (not too much free camping here) we unknowingly crashed a gathering of the Escapee RV Club being held on the old Moab Municipal Airport site. Despite our lack of credentials we were able to convince them to let us camp the night with the proviso that DD would keep any conversations to a minimum of 73 minutes per person. I think BBB and LLL know what I mean.

The scenery as we left Moab was quite different than Monument Valley but just as spectacular. This is definitely on our list for return and longer visit.


We spent 3 nights at Camp Walmart (Centerville UT, Jerome ID and Caldwell ID) on our way to Pendelton. At the Walmart in Caldwell we had a most interesting neighbour. See photo below.

We spent 2 nights at the Wildhorse Casino outside of Pendelton waiting for the weather to clear up before moving on. Both the Captain and surprisingly DD came up empty at the slots but we were rewarded with a visit from a couple of friends from the desert. Fred and Reba dropped by for a visit and brought pizza. Can’t complain about that. Next time through, we’ll return the visit and favour. Seems like we know a lot of folks from a lot of different places.  One of the best benfits of being on the road.

So that’s it for now kids as we sit here in Vernon waiting for spring to arrive so we can get on with our summer activities. Tonight the temperature is expected to be -4C which is about 25F. Oh well it’s only been officially spring now for 10 days and the ice still hasn’t melted off Swan Lake.

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