If There Are Blanks?? Do They Have To Be Filled??

Filling in the Blanks

Please Please restrain yourself and hold off the applause and shouts of great rejoicing, imagined or otherwise that might just possibly spontaneously erupt with the reappearance of the Captain and Debbie Dewdrop’s Blog. I don’t want anyone to get overly agitated and faint or anything silly like that. But yes it is true that the Blog is back from a hiatus of 434 days (but hey who’s counting). Now before anyone gets too excited I need to point out that I will not be providing a detailed account of those missing days as my memory is far too feeble to recall anything more than vague manifestations that come to me in dreams and may or may not have been real.

Shortly after my last post in October 2018 DD and the Captain once again made the annual trek to the Imperial Dam LTVA for our winter sojourn. With one major incident (coming soon – The Trials and Tribulations of Miss E) our winter was fairly uneventful. You know we hiked and biked, visited old friends and found some new ones. Some of the old stalwarts were missing due to health, family issues of maybe just looking for a change of pace. I could probably just post some pictures of hikes and events from previous years and no one would likely notice but it wouldn’t be nice to try and fool my readers so I won’t. We did enjoy a week at Stewarts Point with Bouncy Bernice and Fearless Frank before making our way back to Vernon.

Our summer in Vernon at our lot in the Swan Lake RV Resort was quite enjoyable as it was the first summer in the last few where we did not have to wear protective devices to protect us from smoke from forest fires. In that respect it was the best summer in a while. DD was back at work part time at the Insurance Company saving up her money to put toward replenishing, according to her “her dwindling shoe supply”. We also made a decision in the summer to forego a trip to Arizona this winter so we could spend time with our parents. DD’s Mom (MODD) is 92 and the Captain’s Mom (the Aud One) and Dad (the Coach) and are 88 and 91 respectively.  So at the moment we are staying with MODD and visiting with the Coach and Aud One on a fairly regular basis.

Additionally we are planning a 2nd trip to the Canadian Maritimes and Newfoundland for late spring and summer before returning to Vernon in the fall and heading south once again.  In expectation of our trip to the Maritimes we decided to buy a used camper to put on the truck for the trip as it is less costly to run, less ferry fares and easier to manage in some of the remote locations we want to get to on this trip.

The great news for this trip is that our travelling buddies LLL (Lucky Lonesome Larry) and BBB (Busty Barb the Believer – see Cast of Characters page) will be making the trip north from Yuma and will be our Klingons once again.  We are definitely looking forward to traveling with these kids again. And rumour has it that Bouncy Bernice and Fearless Frank may also make the trip. Sounds good. Can’t wait!

Don’t forget to have a look at our page of Cast of Characters

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2 comments on “If There Are Blanks?? Do They Have To Be Filled??

    • Well being a vegetarian I would suggest “chopped lettuce” instead. Ha Ha. Must be the snow effecting my brain and I apologize for the grievous over site. I will add out dear friends from Powell River to our Cast of Characters where they rightfully belong.

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