An Aud (and Coach) Affair

For the most part my blog posts are about the goings on of the Captain and Debbie Dewdrops, after all it is our Blog, however exceptions can be made and this is definitely one of those times. As the title suggests this post is about an “affair” involving the Coach and the Aud One.

When one thinks of an affair it is usually something of a passing fancy and often possibly illicit as well. However in my humble opinion there can be affairs, like love affairs, that can transcend boundaries.  So guess what kids, herein I will relate to you an exception to the rule.

On a cold wintry Saturday afternoon on January 14, 1950 the Coach and Aud One recited their marriage vows and began their lifelong journey together and on January 14, 2020 they reached the incredible, some might say impossible feat, in this day and age, milestone of 70 years of marriage. Yep you heard that right, 70 YEARS.

an invitation to the BIG Day

the “young” happy couple

the family on site of future homestead -Boothbay Crescent, Newmarket circa 1954

Now I could fill up numerous pages providing all kinds of gossipy minutia about the Aud Couple’s life and times but really it’s not about the details. What really matters the most (of course I am biased) is the love they have shared together and the family they created and selflessly loved and provided for over the years. I know, kind of mushy talk from the Captain, but just so you don’t think I’ve lost it completely I was going to say in the foregoing sentence “the family they spawned” but DD threatened me with grievous harm from a frying pan if I did so there you go , I didn’t.

the “spawn” Don, Barb, Jim and CC

Aud One and the Coach at Lake St. Peter family reunion

the whole gang

doing what we do best – eating


So even though it was a little bit late the Cowell kids (Don, Gary, Jim & Barb, in order of age not looks) arranged a 70th Anniversary Tea for Mom and Dad on the afternoon of January 26th at their house in Bath.  About 24 family and friends attended (despite the inclement weather) and despite their slight apprehensions the Coach and Aud One were delighted and appreciative of the affair (thankfully just a passing fancy).

the newlyweds 70 years later

it says so right on the cake

the gang of 4 – the Coach, DD, son/grandson Aaron and the Aud One

friends and neighbours Doreen, Pauline (a young 97) and Tom

CC claiming the veggie sandwiches while Roy, Craig and Sylvie look on somewhat bemused

the Coach with grandson Arlo, great grandaughter Nora and “the Don”

Sylvie and Julie get into the picture

Kayla, Athena and Grandson Pedro

Barb with the Coach, Aud One and CC

The Don, the Aud One and Jimmy


By stubbs99