About the Captain and Debbie Dewdrops

Until the winter of 2015 we were known exclusively by our given names of Gary and Debbra. While preparing for a not so gruelling hike in the California Desert near the Imperial Dam Reservoir we were befriended by two companion hikers (Hawk and Red Fox). Hawk was and is a notorious WordPress Blogger. While hiking, or more like just about any old time, Hawk can’t resist taking copious amounts of pictures and videos providing a narrative on the sights of each hike (with little regard to his knowledge or lack thereof of the particular subject). In spite of these traits he seemed a very likable fellow and we humoured him by occasionally acknowledging his desert ramblings. While preparing for one of our hikes Hawk while filming me suggested I was just a guy from Canada. In deference to our beloved home country I suggested to Hawk that I wasn’t just a guy from Canada that in fact I was (sort of a joke I thought) known as Captain Canada. Hawk took this literally while continuing to film anointed me as Captain Canada (CC) and Debbra as Debbie Dewdrops (DD). The video that captured this momentous historical moment however has disappeared into cyberspace so unfortunately there is verification as to the authenticity of the foregoing event.

Well enough of that. The Captain and Debbie Dewdrops have been together since the tender age of 15 ½ when Gary was taken advantage of by the proverbial older woman (I know its only 6 weeks but still!!!). After toiling away for over 45 years in numerous places of employment we both ready to hang up our shingles and set out for life of full time RVing. On our first trip we spent 3 months in the US southwest desert dry camping to get our feet wet, which is a bit difficult to do in the desert, but we did try.  Our first trip was a great success so in the fall of 2014 we rented out our house in Vernon, BC and became full time RVers. Over the past five years we have traveled too many miles to calculate including four winters at Imperial Dam (boondocking), a trip to Alaska, a trip to the Canadian Maritimes and numerous trips back and forth across Canada.

Along the way over the past five years we have had the good fortune to meet and become friends with so many incredible people. I will be creating a separate page in my Blog to list out a good number of these folks along with their respective alliterative  names as provided by none other than me the Captain with an honourable mention to Hawk.


the young Captain and Debbie Dewdrops (16)

the young Captain and Debbie Dewdrops (16)

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